Update: I wrote this in September of 2004. Since then, Azureus has become Vuze and I stopped using it and I don’t even know if this is useful anymore (probably not). This is still listed here for archival purposes.

What is it?
AZStats is a JSP file that parses and displays the contents of an Azureus stats file. Useful for monitoring Azureus remotely.

Azureus and a JSP engine like Resin, Tomcat, etc.


Download the file then unzip it to a directory that your JSP engine can get to. Generally, you will want to put it in webapps/azstats.

How to Use:

  • First, setup Azureus to write a Azureus_Stats.xml file. Go to View->Configuration->Statistics
  • Now, edit the line in the JSP file that says
    String inputFile = “”;
    and insert the path to your Azureus stats file that you set in Azureus (you can use http:// ftp:// or a path to a local file)
  • Change the stylesheet in the JSP if you want if you don’t like the default look.
  • Once you have done that, browse to the JSP. The URL might be something like this: http://localhost:8080/azstats/azstats.jsp

I may add something to it in the future, but I don’t foresee major changes. Definitely email me if you think of any enhancements you would like to see.